TERMINATORS are all around

February 10, 2007 6:48pm CST
i think many people had seen the terminator movie,what a great movie!! i love this kinda science fiction about robots and so on,but terminators are not only those in that movie but also they appear in many other things around us without we feel... terminators are those machines who we badly use it..now you are wondering what are these machines?? the best example is the computer,when someone use it in a bad way that harm his health,mind or time so the pc in this case is a terminator another machine is the...car..many people drive in a crazy speed and make accidents and terminate their lives or other people's lives ....it is the nature to destory ourselves... just think like that way and you will find out that we are surrounded by many terminators even the mind..can be a terminator it all depends on us..the humans..
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