duck lady

@Lavera1 (897)
United States
February 10, 2007 8:04pm CST
Have you ever been nick named by members of your church. Well, I have. I'd attend a early morning service at 5:30 and we'd share testimonies and give praise reports. One morning I decided to tell about my ducks. They were actually my dauthter's ducks. After my daughter enter middle school she lost interest in the ducks because she gained interest in the boys at school. So I began searching for people to give our ducks to. My brother said he wanted them. But he hadn't come by the next week. I was in my kitchen and suddenly I became very anxious about getting rid of the ducks. I heard a voice telling me I'd better call my brother and tell him to come and get these ducks. But I rejected it and said to myself, "That's not me thinking that and I won't call my brother. For the Bible tells me to be anxious for nothing." So after the testimony the group started laughing and nick named me the Duck Lady. Every time they'd see me that's what they'd say. They thought I was so hilarious and even invited me to be on their show as a comedian. But I didn't see what was so funny and why did they think that I was so funny. But now I do believe that I'm at times very humorous. lol What about you? Have you ever been nick named and you couldn't understand why. Then in later years you could appreciate your talent?
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