Writer's Workshops online

United States
February 10, 2007 8:59pm CST
Ever have that feeling that you need to beef up? I feel like working toward becoming more competitive and marketable by boosting my writing skills. I have been looking at a few sites, not too many because I just started looking, but am not sure which ones are better than others for the money. I heard there was a site that "teaches" you to write a romance novel...those torrid things with Fabio clones on the covers. I am not totally turned off by that sort of writing, its just something I don't read. I would like something geared more toward magazine articles. Has anyone here found and tried any of the writer's workshops that are online? If so, what was most useful about the course? Did they give you a certificate of completion? Do you feel it led to better writing clout and better gigs?
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