February 10, 2007 9:13pm CST
How to AGE gracefully is one of the key questions as one approaches middle age.One sees some people age so gracefully.Hema malini is a prime example and so is the great BIG B! My theory is that the following are very important to age well. 1.Good rest&sleep 2.Good sense of Humour 3.Exercise 4.Emotional balance 5.Good diet 6.No smoking 7.Drinking in moderation-red wine is the best if one wants to drink and live longer! 8.Ability to relax even in stressful situations.. Any thoughts on these lines...anyone..
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• United States
11 Feb 07
I agree with all that you've mentioned. I have a lot of relatives that have aged gracefully. There are two common denominators among them that I have observed, too. One is a good heart, and the other is a zest for life.
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• Canada
11 Feb 07
Most importantly, nurture a spiritual life.
• Australia
11 Feb 07
Yea must include that as well in my list!Thanks for the input..some of the preachers and spiritual gurus have this radiance in their faces!guess the spiritual aspect is important apart from other things..