tatooed person.....

February 10, 2007 9:18pm CST
I dont know whnever i see a tatooed prsn i have a curious feeling......I FEEL AS IF THIS PRSN DSNT OBEY HIS PRSN.. they may b very wayward....I know this is nt correct always ....but I CANT STOP MYSELF FRM THINKING SO.....I really feel scared to go near them,,
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@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
11 Feb 07
i have seen lots of people with tattoos. i even know people who has them. but it does not mean they are mean or anything. it's just how they express themselves. just yesterday, my boyfriend and i had a little discussion about tattoos. he joked that he had a tattoo done in his back. i always tell him that i don't have anything against people having tattoos. but i also tell him every now and then that for as long as possible, i want him to have unprinted, uninked skin. he knows about this and that he just wanted to get my view on this from time to time which i don't find anything wrong about. well, there's nothing to get scared about people having tattoos. they are people, too. they won't harm you in any way. and if you know someone with tattoos, you'll know that they can be a friend to you, too. but i don't blame you for thinking that way. just once in awhile, give yourself a chance to know this people. and you'll see that they are good people, too.