big c

@mcaf1970 (140)
February 10, 2007 11:58pm CST
i worry for those people who continuously smoke, drink hard drinks & eat unhealthy food. it's not very comfy to have this deadly disease. i don't want them to experience what i have gone through. to prevent this illness, avoid smoking, being 2nd hand smoker, don't drink & eat healthy food. i was informed by my onco that aside from having family history of cancer, an individual's unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to the cause of cancer. an individual need not a family history to get afflicted with this deadly disease. if you out there have too much vices & love to eat unhealthy food, be WARNED! why take the risk when you can prevent from having it? avoid the ff. food: fried food (too much of fats can cause CA), grilled food whcih are well-done or burnt. well-done or burnt food contain CARCINOGENS which causes cancer. so too much of everything is HARMFUL. i hope my info on big c will be very useful to everybody.
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