LCD or Plasma TV?

Brunei Darussalam
February 11, 2007 12:14am CST
What are the advantages/disadvantages of LCD TV? And, what are the advantages/disadvantages of Plasma TV?
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@huanghaozi (1474)
• Egypt
13 Feb 07
Just a few comments on LCD vs Plasma, I recently bought a 42 inch Toshiba LCD 42WL58A, I must admit the colour is not as warm as the plasmas, esp the blacks, but that depends on your colour preference, tint, contrast, brightness etc. Kung ano ang maganda sa paningin mo. It's totally up to you. One of the main reasons I bought it is the 5 years warranty. Anything goes wrong just bring it back to them free ang parts and labour, if not repairable they gonna replace it with a new one. So I've got 5 years of peace of mind. But happy naman ako compared sa CRT that we had before. I'm using RGB on my Sony DVD DVP-NS780W with progressive scan and HDMI on my DIGITAL Hi-Def Receiver & HDD Recorder Toshiba HDD-J35. The thing is mas maganda ang reception ko from a digital broadcast, the signal rate is between 25-30%, compared to my DVD. And from Digital Broadcast, the pictures are spot on, the colour tones are better, even the fine lines are so visible. And I can switch the video format from 576i to 576p to 720p to 1081i. Does it mean na mas mababa ang resolution ng DVD? or maybe mali lang ang set up ko sa DVD. But the sound naman no problem. mas maganda naman sa DVD ang quality ng sound although digital broadcast transmit also in Dolby Digital. Digital broadcasting is pure magic they can feed multiple channel in HD mode, digital 1,2 and 3. They also have the EPG (Electronic Program Guide). Just sharing my experience. For me LCD is the way to go. p.s. oh one more thing, if you're using plasma and watching digital broadcast, remember the burn ins are more susceptible sa mga plasma display panels? This would likely may occur. the reason is not all video clips, programs etc are in the same video format. kahit na naka wide screen mode ka to fill in the bars on the side, they are still visible. One more reason to go for LCD. Opinion ko lang po yan.
• Brunei Darussalam
14 Feb 07
huanghaozi, thanks for sharing your knowledge. Unfortunately, I do not understand your "tagalog" language and hence I could not understand some of your texts.
@maumbi (2571)
• Indonesia
11 Feb 07
iam not a IT man or have knowledge about this product, are you have IT background my friend? for me both is usefuly
• Brunei Darussalam
14 Feb 07
maumbi, i am referring to tv sets rather that monitor for the PC. I work in IT department but only look at business applications.