In your country how does your system treat spousal abuse in general?ive been...

February 11, 2007 1:36am CST
reading and responding to discussions containing these kind of seems to me that some of these wemen (not all though) are not that well oriented bout their rights as a woman...dependent to their husbands,afraid of loosing them despite the abusive treatment they recieve from them..its ok to hope that someday the love that withered would come back but to endure the pain,abuse and battery for such hope is saddens me deeply...i would respond to encourage these wemen to fight foor their right and to be not afraid of the consequenses that concerns this issues...does your country have any law addressing this problem?let us help these wemen,try finding their discussion which needs advice and opinion if you have the for me ill keep on looking here and try to realy saddens me...peace!
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