Who plays Red Alert 2: YR?

February 11, 2007 2:40am CST
Do you prefer the Alliance or the Comunists? What is your favourite country to play with? Why? What, you think, is your best advantage when you play against somebody? I like to establish my base not in the default spot on the map, but a little closer to the enemy and/or by some buildings (for better protection) or on a hill. My advatage is that I use the terrain alot.
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@patrice7 (1192)
• United States
11 Feb 07
hello cillerman!. i love to play red alert.. well actually its YURi. i heard that the new version of red alert was YURI.. anyway they are the same game.. everytime i cannot connect to the internet i often spend my time playing YURI. i love this game because it challenges me.. i prefer the allies because their units act faster than the communists.. the country that i often use is america because they can send paratroopers. wow!. using the terrain is good. actually you are very advantageous if you are in a hill or some elevated area because the approaching enemies can easily be destroyed without damaging your troops of your units.. try also using 4prism tanks and at 2 big tanks-i forgot the name, the allied tank which targets air and land units of the enemies, the big one..-. anyway this combination is formidable.. it easily destroys tanks and other big untis.
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• Bulgaria
12 Feb 07
I have several tactics and can beat a Brutal Enemy in a negative amount of time. Sadly, I can't play online. There, I think, I will really prove myself. I am very confident of my skills. It's good to hear that not only Gamers exist... GamerINES too. :D Cheers.