why this world and mankind going towards destruction?

February 11, 2007 3:13am CST
In the diffrent countries of the world whether developed or developing there r so many organisations (ngo's) guiding the people to change their way of lifestyles and come closer to nature and adopt the policy of conservation of natural resources.Still, mankind is not changing their attitude and the efforts of such organisations cannot give the results upto the mark as requried.Today the frequency of natural calamities has increased tremendously such as earthquakes, sudden climatic changes due to global warming and modern way of lifestyles.Not only thisthere is tremendous increase of immorality in the nature of mankind.The crime all over the world has increased tremendously.Why we r going towards the destruction?This question disappoints me a lot.Let us try to change our lifestyles and live like a good humanbeing for the sake of existence of mankind and other living creatures of this world and come closer to nature.
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