What do you prefer - CDs or Vinyl Records?

February 11, 2007 4:43am CST
Just curious as to what format people actually prefer and as to why they like that format? Anyone out there in mylot world still find themselves buying vinyl records, or are you just listening to all your old ones, or maybe they have all been replaced with cds or digital formats. Having been born in the early 80s I just caught the end of the vinyl record, with most of my music being from cassettes and cds. I however, today find myself loving vinyl records. If you gave me the choice of a particular album being in vinyl format or a nice new cd, I'd go vinyl anyday. The vinyl obsession has really only been over the last few years, after spending some time at a community radio stations. Looking upon the two walls floor to roof of records I felt something click inside me. Listening to the station while there and the djs playing their records made me fall in love. In love with that little record crackle. I felt something special amongst all those records, which I'm not sure I'll ever exactly be able to place. AS much as I love todays technology and my lovely stereo with its surround sound, subwoofer and lovely little equalizer, I just find something special in listening to a vinyl record. Apart from those I met through the station I can't say I know anyone who actually likes or listens to vinyl. I very happily got a record player from my mother for christmas. I picked, I brought, she paid me back... it worked. :D Slowly I find my little collection of records growing. I love browsing through used stores and finding that little gem amongst all the dusty others. So, what is your preference and why? Do you like or listen to vinyl at all?
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• United States
12 Feb 07
Wow..I haven't even seen a vinyl in several years. When I was a kid, I used to play my mom's Elvis records all the time. The very first album I bought was Michael Jackson's Thriller and of course, it was vinyl. But nowadays, I prefer CDs. But I still like the sound of vinyl...it's classic..
11 Feb 07
I've never used vinyl- I'm from a younger generation. If it was an option though i'd pick CD's as there so much more compact.
• Belgium
11 Feb 07
I think vinyls is great, but only for the old ones, who came originally on to vinyl. If you're now gonna buy an album that comes out on a cd and you buy it on vinyl (or a single) than I hope you are a DJ or something cause otherwise, I wouldn't do it. Offcourse vinyl is cool and it's very cosy to me :).