how many of us do hesitate and feared of travelling in airplanes?

airplane - an anirplane, ready for a takeoff
February 11, 2007 5:07am CST
hey guys, just lemee know, that what do u think, when u are on to the flight and you airplane is bout to land omn the airport? actually, i am a very scary type of individual, and really, i just avoid my flights whenever it is possible. actually, i just had a lot of fear, when the airplane is just set for a take off and also i m really, frightened when the airplane is ready to land and i have to tighten up mu seat belts. really, jus tell me, do also feel the sme, as i feel, like travelling in the airplanes..?
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11 Feb 07
Quite often people are scarred of flying because they are not in control and feel trapped. Flying is statistically speaking, very safe. There are airlines out there that are worse than others, but generally in developed countries there are very strict rules in place for the maintenance of planes. Even airlines with older fleets have to follow teh same rules and just because a plane is old doesn't make it unsafe since they are virtually rebuilt in maintenance checks. There are a lot of different impacts on your senses when you fly, as I say you are not in control of the plane, you are in a confined space, the smell of the aviation fuel can be horrible. The thing to do is to become acustomed to flying step by step. Travel to the airport and watch planes land and take off. Try visiting the airport and just walking around in the terminal building to get used to the surroundings and the people and sounds. Book yourself on a short flight, always travel with someone that is understanding of your fears and will take things slowly at your pace. Have some sort of comforter with you, like some water. Before you fly you could also take a herbal remedy for reducing anxieties such as Kalms tablets. If none of this works then there are special courses that are run for people with extreme fears of flying by some airlines.