@datir1 (503)
February 11, 2007 5:45am CST
what is the life?
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@jheyzee (30)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
Life - buhay... how great we have life... Let us positively respond to our life-changing world... Whew!
• Romania
11 Feb 07
life is the time you're wasting right now am i right??????
@catch_me (930)
• India
11 Feb 07
Life is a gift of god, how to use it depends upon us, someone make maximum use of it n become something he wants.. someone just sit n think why life exists
• Pakistan
11 Feb 07
The word "life" has probably been around ever since mankind began using language. It is a word of fundamental importance to all of us, and seldom do we make it through an entire day without putting it to use. We do so, however, with only a sketchy and subjective idea of what life actually means. This is because until recently, within the last century or so, it has been easy for people to distinguish between what they call living and what they call non-living. There has been no need to define life precisely; its meaning is intuitively understood.
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
For me the definition of life is: "life is a never ending process where the only thing constant is change." Well, the part where is said that 'the only constant is change' is the thing that I have read from a billboard while I am going home from a province.