Do u think invisibility is achievable ?

February 11, 2007 5:53am CST
well there is no end of fantasy stories in which people can become invisible... sometimes it is a genetic process,sometimes it is a cloak that gives u invisibility or sometimes its radiation in space that might make u invisible... but in reality how far have we gone to be invisible...??? now there is a recent experiment found some object can be made almost invisible in infra red range... ie, if our vision range was in infra red range then a partial invisibility could have been achievable. what do u say???
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• India
13 Feb 07
yes i thing invisibility is achievable........well i also read about this article where some object has been made invisible in infra red range........the main thing is that we become visible because light falls on if we can stop light from reching it then that thing will become invisible....well how is still unknown.............