Texas holdem Poker

@Cheez4 (78)
February 11, 2007 7:35am CST
Alright im playing online like 10 mins ago. I get dealt AA I rasie about 3 times the blinds. 2 callers. (this could be good) with now around 3000(tournement chips not dollars) in the pot. The flop come A9K.. ah yeah i got a set of aces. i rasie 2 times the pot. 1 folds the other calls. The turn card a 9. A9K9 I now have a boat Aces and nines (full house) i rasie twice the pot again he thinks about it and goes all in, he has me covered by alot. I got him beat i think for sure the best he could have was alower full house or beat me with quad nines. I call he shows KK vs AA he got a lower full house. One card to go on the river a K. Quad Kings. Has anyone had that happen or something simular.
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