Drinking soda with a straw

United States
February 11, 2007 7:53am CST
Did you know that you should drink your soda with a straw all the time? It will save your teeth from rotting because the soda will not be in contact with your teeth so much unlike when you drink from a cup.
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@howard96h (11658)
• New York, New York
22 Feb 07
I have some neighbors that do the same thing. The kids all use straws for their soda and the parents usa a straw for their coffee and tea. When I asked them why, they said it's keeps their teeth whiter if they use a straw because coffee and tea stain the teeth. I don't know about this but I have to tell you their teeth are always very white looking.
• Philippines
21 Feb 07
I've read that soda really destroys our teeth. An experiment was conducted where a tooth was placed in a container with soda for several days. It softened and started to dissolve in a matter of days. Bottomline, sugar in the soda is not the main culprit as most of us believed. The acids in the soda "eat" away the enamel and make teeth more prone to cavities. So I guess, lesser contact of the soda to our teeth will help minimize it's destructive effects.
• United States
15 Feb 07
I never really thought about it - but it does make sense, now that I have thought about it. I am safe though because I prefer to drink everything with a straw... especially water. I find it easier to drink 8 glasses of water a day when I drink with a straw.
14 Feb 07
I already drink through a straw because the enamel on the front of my teeth is starting to wear down. Not sure how effective it is tho because it just concentrates the juice on a different place. I do it to save the front of my teeth but if my back teeth were waring away instead not sure I would.
@sweetlady10 (3617)
• United States
12 Feb 07
I did not think about the straw that way before. It seems it will help us from rotting our teeth from soda. Soda make a big harm to our teeth, enamal get affected from it. I think this a good idea to use a straw all the time.
@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
11 Feb 07
Really? That's different to hear about. Not sure if I agree but I suppose it's possible. I'm sure it also depends on how you drink the soda pop. I don't use a straw but over all the pop doesn't touch my front teeth when I drink it. It will touch my back teeth but it does that with a straw too.
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
11 Feb 07
Besides being sugary they tend to be highly acid and it can erode the enamel. Such a shame since this drink is so appealing. It is a good thing that you are sharing this here. Some may not know about it. I do worry about those families that buy all that pop and they have kids. Too bad it is not posted on the pop itself.
@amaine (2037)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
is that so? , , well thanks for that useful information , , :-) really needed that , , now i know , , i'll drink soda using a straw , , i do not know that soda can cause our teeth to rot , , wow , , thanks so much , , :-) you've saved my teeth from cavities , , LOL