What is the best HYIP's program and what is the worst HYIP site for you?

February 11, 2007 8:43am CST
I am contemplating in investing to HYIP program but I am looking for some sites which I could trust. I only like to invest in sites that recieved payment from e-gold and sites which you could say legit and those who really pay the investor. I hope I could be enlightened to this type of program since I am very new to this. I only like investment program that is very reliable and pls. tell me sites who didnt pay up as well.
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• Thailand
11 Feb 07
Hi Deane, if im not mistaken your an ilonggo too. I just recently tested investing in hyip, i must say that i was quite hesitant and skeptical at first because of the bad impression of this type of progam. I did my research before i did my test investment, i have joined 6 hyip sites at the moment and im happy to say that they are all paying me daily. If you want to know more about a certain hyip status you check out hyip forum and see what people have to say about them. Here are the list of this hyip forum sites. http://www.goldtalk.com http://www.moneymakergroup.com http://www.rankhyips.com http://www.talkgold.com For the list of hyip scam site here is the sites http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r3143-.html http://www.hyipinvestment.com/scams.php http://hyipfarm.com/Scams/ I based my choice from this site and the comments made by people on hyip forums. The current hyip's i invested in pays me on a daily and regular basis and they all pay me through my egold account. Just a quick reminder though, hyip is a very volatile program. The rule of the thumb when it comes to investing is, invest only what you can afford to lose. In short make a test investment that you can afford to lose(in my case that means their minimum alowable investment). This are the site's im currently invested at fell free to visit them and decide if they are worth investing. http://www.lifedollars.com/index.php?EG=3960563 http://www.frxci.com/?ref=virgel http://www.egoldtrust.com/index.php?ref=2251 http://profitshare4all.com/?ref=virgel http://ultimatetarget.com/?rid=187 http://www.realityield.com/?refid=virgel
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
Thanks for the information , I think I have heard so much from e-gold trust and am going to join I guess. Thank you for telling me this. Yeah am an Ilonggo. Anyway thanks for the links it was really helpful.
• China
12 Feb 07
thank you !~i need it!~
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• China
12 Feb 07
the programs mentioned above are simple ponzies, could not last long, but i wish you could earn from them.