Do You Believe In Heaven?, ???

February 11, 2007 9:09am CST
I do.....a friend of mine don't and as for me I accept any good person as a fiend and don't care what their religion (or believes) is, as much as they are good friend.... So a friend of mine is out of religion and she don't believe in heaven, we never talked about that before, but yesterday she surprised me by asking questions about my religion and do I believe in heaven?.....I answered her yes I do believe in heaven....and she smiled and said that she doesn't believe in heaven or a life after death...I already new that about her, but we never talked about before, I thought that was it, but she started again by asking me, can you tell me how you know that there is a heaven? I started to tell her, but it was all about my religion and she already doesn't believe on it, even if I talked about other religion it is the we ended up no where and she said, you can't proof it....I was so angry and told her that there is but you are the one who don't want listen even to what I am saying and end each of my sentences before I finish it......But the truth is I couldn't explain exactly how there is a heaven....I believe there is but maybe I don't have the right way of telling what I think, or is it because what ever I say to proof is in my religion that she won't accept it as a proof and want a proof that is not related to religions? ......ooooooohhhh I got so is ok with my friend now we just ended the conversation, but I was wondering what to say if I was asked the same question again.....please help
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@jacton (272)
• India
12 Feb 07
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11 Feb 07
I believe in heaven. I have faith in God that's why i believe in heaven. If you have faith in something, you're not going to look for any proof because you believe it in your heart. Just like the wind, you can't see it, but you feel it, it's there.
• India
11 Feb 07
ur friend is wiser than u.she believe in her i believe in me.plz dont pressurize her.and can i meet her.