Love & Marriage?????

February 11, 2007 9:49am CST
I m blow hot and cold.i dunno how to express my feeling in words. "Is it necesary whome we love, we marraige with that person"? I love a girl alot.But he loves somone else.and the boy he loves his parents r marring him with another girl. Now the girl whome i love ask me help me in this mater what should she do???and i should help her in the hour of need. Few months ago her statment was "its not necessary whome we love , we marry that person". Now i was thinking a person who show me a guidline and she is betraying herself from that bath.She is acting like a childish. Why we force others to do such thing on which we donot be honest. Is this a sign of being "Selfish"? Plz let me frnd ..................
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