Growing up.

United States
February 11, 2007 6:24pm CST
As you get older, you learn to accept the people in your life who are there without your choosing (your family). their flaws, which once angered you, became traits that you learn to accept and surpass. It's one of those moments when you step away from your body, take a look at yourself, and your surroundings, and look at things from a new, more experiences, and more mature point of view. When your a child, you look at your parents as Gods and angers, ones who can do you no wrong, and who you look up to for knowledge and guidance. When your an adolecent, you look at them as devil type evil people who are trying to ruin your life, abduct your freedom, and who are "old fashioned". and cant related to your complicated life. When you reach adulthook, you see them for what they are. People who struggled to raise you and now deal with the worries that their children are safe and successdul. Their flawas are exposed, and dealt with. Their problems are shown to you, for what they really are, and not sugar coated for you they way they were when you were a child. Reality kicks in. the one's who were once angels and devils are no shown to you as what they really are: people.
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