We Are Not Our Bodies

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February 11, 2007 6:36pm CST
All too often in life we get caught up in a cycle of self-reflection that plants us all too firmly in our bodies. We forget that there is more to us than pant sizes, bust lines, hair color, hair line, eye color, whether or not we wear corrective lenses, shoe size, waist size, the size of our backsides, etc., etc., etc. Do you really feel that your body is all you are? When you experience thoughts, emotions, feelings, are they things which happen within your body, or does it come from somewhere else? Somewhere inside, but not exactly part of the body? I truly believe that who we truly are has nothing to do with our bodies, but our true spirit shines through in our actions, our beliefs and our practices. What about you?
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• United States
13 Feb 07
I agree with you. Some times it is really hard not to get all cought up in all that stuff of how everyone is telling you how the perfect body should look. I think in a way we forget who we are becuase all we see we are is when we look in the mirror. The world doesnt care what your beliefs or practices are or if you are a good person or not. Its first impressions. I think thats why poeple get so wrapped up in this stuff. They thnk its their looks that they need to be impressing other people with. Not with who they really are.
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