Anti-Reproductive Cancer Diet

@jossml (464)
Puerto Rico
February 11, 2007 9:05pm CST
Here are some recommendations for every woman that want to prevent reproductive cancer or breast cancer, if you know other recommendations or comments please feel free to post it: *A Diet Low in Saturated fats and high in Fiber - It can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 42%. *Crucifers - Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower detoxifies and shift bad estrogen to good estrogen. *Flax - Just 10 grams can drop down levels of unhealthy estrogen and acts as an anti-inflammatory. *Garlic - Even once a week can reduce the incidence of breast cancer and helps in detoxification. *Green Tea - Have been shown to reduce the recurrence of breast cancer in early stages. *Fish Oil - Omega 3 and 6 make cancer cells more vulnerable to chemo, increasing the kill effect. *Cooked Tomatoes - Lycopene substance released by cooking increase by 25% the survival of ovarian cancer woman. *Turmeric - 2 to 3 grams a day of this anti-inflammatory spice can lower instances of reproductive cancer. I hope all of you that reads this post remains healthy an entire lifetime, God bless you all.
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• Canada
12 Feb 07
Thank you for sharing this. Some of it I knew already, but I certainly did not know about Tumeric! Do you agree that Blueberries are also anti-carcinogenic?
@jossml (464)
• Puerto Rico
12 Feb 07
Thanks for your response, and yes blueberries are a good anticancer choice by providing antioxidant properties.