day 2

United States
February 11, 2007 10:14pm CST
1/27/06 What's going on? Right now I'm at home for the weekend. I came home because my sisters had a cheerleading competition today. The redhawks had a pretty solid routine placing 5th out of 15 schools. Their top 5 ranking qualified the girls to compete at ISU next weekend for state competition, so hopefully they do well again. Even though I was preoccupied with cheerleading for most of the day I still managed to hit up the gym early this morning. After resting up for an entire week it felt really good to work out again. I started off jumping rope for about 10 minutes and that got my legs loose. When I arrived at the gym I squatted a few sets and worked myself up to 275 lbs before working back down. I also benched and then ended my workout with some crunches and a little bit of stretching. By the end of it I was feeling good but also tired. I weighted myself and was shocked to see my weight under 200 Lbs. About two weeks ago I was at 204 and today I was around 197. It was definetely shocking to be under 200 but I also know that all scales aren't the same so the Y's might not be calibrated correctly. I can also credit the dramatic weight loss to the fact I sweat a lot last week while being sick, so I lost some water weight. Either way I plan to stay under 200 pounds ideally, so I'm in better shape for this tryout. To do this I realize my diet is also going to have to change. FOr the next month I plan on eating what's in my room and also dining hall selections such as backed potatoes, salads , and bagels. Oh well tho... stay up, -AC
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