February 11, 2007 10:39pm CST
I'm so sad right now. I have not been around on my lot for a few days now because I was trying to find some sites that hosts free blogging and pays you while you're at it. Well, things has not really been quite that good. What I thought of help were actually sites that are all a scam. Huh, there really is no way to get easy money. You really have to strive, think and do your best. There is just simply no room for instant paying. Well, I'm sad. And now I'm back here in My Lot. I haven't yet received my payment because my earnings are not really quite that big yet. I'm just hoping that things will get better. Earning money surely is hard. My head never hurts like this when I'm solving in Accounting, or answering problems in Tax, I don't even sweat in Biological Science... I'm just praying for a turn of events. My hands aren't really always in the computer's keyboard, I don't have instant access to the internet. I just get to blog whenever I have time. And thinking of discussions is really hard. How can I think of some topic that people will be interested in reading? Or replying? or commenting? It is really pretty hard.
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@shirgie (230)
• United States
13 Feb 07
There are a lot of reward sites that do really pay. I don't have much experience at blogging. I have a little blog that I may have made about .50 with and of course that doesn't reach payout, lol. I think you pretty much have to have a helpful blog and post the link to it around in applicable forums. I know my sister made a nice scarf crochet pattern and posted the link to several crochet forums or other crochet groups that she belongs to. Her numbers shot up a whole lot for several days afterward. If you have something helpful and are willing to post the link on sites where you won't be spamming anyone (I think you can here on mylot if applicable to a discussion someone else started). Don't give up. At the Dr. office there was a big poster of an athlete. I think it was Michael Jordan. It went on and on about all his failures like how many baskets he missed, how many times he was entrusted to make the game winning shot and missed and MUCH more. Then it went on to say that if it wasn't for his failures, he couldn't have succeeded. In other words, get your butt going and keep failing until you find success.
• Philippines
16 Feb 07
Well shirgie, thanks for your response and thank you for your advice, it kind of lighten me up a bit.
• Canada
13 Feb 07
Yes it really can be a headache since there are so many scams out there... but if you are interested in making some money the old fashioned way (working for it), then you can try out this site that I write articles for. I've earned over $550 from them already, and have had no problems with getting paid. And it's good for international members as well. All you do is write articles, tutorials, reviews or blog postings and they'll find you a buyer. It's a nice site if you are willing to get a bunch of articles up there, because the more you get up there, the more frequently you sell them. Then, if you want to do something easy, which I enjoy too... there is a site that lets you play the lotto as many times as you want. You can win cash prizes on the site, and earn points for gift certificates. But it's only open to the US and Canadian members (except for Quebec). I often have this up in the background while I'm on MyLot and then it's easy to get a bunch of points. Best of luck with your online earnings... luckily there really are some sites out there that aren't scammers. It's just usually hard to find the good ones unfortunately.
• India
12 Feb 07
yeah! i agree! earining money without any hardwork is indeed a mirage. one has to work hard for money. even if it is on mylot or any other paying site. but the best way to earn money, i think, is to do what you enjoy doing very well. if you love music, get into a business involving music - maybe compose, play, arrange shows, whatever. if you love mathematics, get into something involving the same - maybe teaching etc. if you love sports, go into that! the final word is you are less likely to be frustrated working hard at what you like the most. and also you can keep earning money! places like mylot etc, for me, are just a hobby, and not a site for earning to make a living! but there can be many people here who might be giving a lot of time and effort to mylot, thus getting a lot of money out from here as well! good luck to you!