How Do You Treat Yourself?

@Trishzen (281)
United States
February 11, 2007 11:14pm CST
It seems like nowadays my treats are in food form, but what I'd really like is to have a nice day at the spa. Time to relax! How do you treat yourself?
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
21 Feb 07
There are a variety of different ways that I tend to treat myself. But it all depends upon how I am feeling on that specific day so that usually helps to factor in to how I treat myself. Sometimes when I am feeling rather stressed out I will turn to taking a nice hot bubble bath with candles lit. I will sometimes put some epsom salts in the water as well to soften it. Other times I will either get my other half to give me a massage so that the tension disappears. Or I will turn to going & getting a massage done by a professional. I have always wanted to go to a spa when I am feeling stressed out or am wanting to treat myself to a nice day away from home.. But I find sometimes spa's to be rather expensive.. I guess you have to do research sometimes just before choosing which spa you go to firstly though. But I think a spa would be lovely to treat myself someday when I have enough money to do so. Other ways I treat myself is.. Sometimes I will go ahead & take some money & go ahead & buy a new outfit. I find nothing is better than being able to have a new outfit to wear.. It makes you not only feel good about yourself, but it also helps if you are feeling down about your appearance.. Or need a boost in that area. Sometimes I will even purchase something online that I have wanted for quite a long.. I know that I collect dolls so sometimes treating myself is buying something to add to my collection.. Or at least something that I may have always wanted.. There's no better way to treat yourself then to get yourself something that you collect.. Or something that you had always wanted.. Sometimes simple things like purchasing a doll that you had as a kid that you know longer have.. Makes a person feel good because it's not only a way of treating yourself, but it's also a way to revisit your childhood at the same time. Other times I will treat myself with a food that I like.. Or that I have been craving for a while.. Whether that be ordering out from one of my favorite restaurants or even purchasing myself a favorite dessert that I may have not had in quite a while.. I know that sometimes treating yourself with a food that you haven't had in a while.. Is a really nice little surprise to give yourself.. I know that I quite enjoy doing this sometimes as.. I don't really do it all to often. Sometimes as well I will book a hotel room for me & my other half.. This is a way of treating not only myself, but the person whom I love.. As we stay at home quite often & don't go out all to often.. So being able to do this really can be a nice change.. I love being able to sometimes just get a way for a bit, even if it's not somewhere extravagant like hawaii or some nice island away from home.. Sometimes having people cater to you for a night is a really nice change.. I know that I enjoy treating myself by doing this.. Especially when it's a jacuzzi room where you can just sit in the tub & unwind for a few hrs. Sometimes I treat myself by if I see a band I want to see in concert.. I will purchase tickets for me & my other half.. We don't find a lot of good artists or bands come out to our city that we like.. So I know going to a concert for me is a delight! Especially if it's my favorite band that I just love.. Being able to get out of the house for one night to enjoy the sounds of your favorite band.. There's nothing more exciting then that.. At least for me. Sometimes I will even go to the movie store, rent a few movies.. Order in my favorite dish, eat my favorite junk food.. And just have a movie day all to myself.. Without any interruptions.. I feel sometimes just having a day to myself is a treat all on it's own.. Sometimes you just want to be alone, & it allows you to collect all your thoughts.. I personally love doing this to treat myself every once in a while. In conclusion.. All of the things that I have listed above are the things that I do to treat myself occasionally. I think it's very important for one to treat themselves every once in a while.. Because if you didn't you wouldn't find a way to escape reality or to get some form of release away from the world. I know that I quite enjoy treating myself sometimes as it helps to make things so much clearer afterwards! . . Thanks for allowing me to share! xx