The state of Texas education

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February 12, 2007 12:07am CST
What state is our educational system in? Are we teaching students valuable lessons for career and life, or are we teaching the test in order to keep our jobs? What has happened to the days of "authentic teaching?" How is it that we have let our educational system come to this point? What can be done to turn things around and go back to the teaching practices of 20 years ago? Do we as a society believe that the system is better now than 20 years ago? What is the state of education in other states?
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@Debs_place (10525)
• United States
12 Feb 07
Well it is not very good in NY, I remember when my son was a junior in high school, his english teacher said right out - we are teaching to the test from the very 1st day of school. They are driven by the 'TEST' and don't have time for anything else. Which is unfortunate. After 9/11, they spent one day in school, going off of the curiculuum to discuss, that was it. That was sad, I had to teach him about it. I don't know how it got so bad. Kids are graduating from school and have no real world learning. They can't function. I think the parents have to take on more, which is sad, since many of them are products of todays schools and can't. The school year must be lengthened. Forget 2+ months off in the summer, we aren't farmers anymore. We need longer school days and less holidays. I am a veteran, I have never had veteran's day off from work, yet the kids get this day off. Most day care centers send kids to school ready to read, they know their letters, numbers, shapes and more. I would think that stay-at-home kids should have been taught the same things, if they don't know them, we need 2 paths, the kids who are ready to move on take one, the other kids another. We must stop teaching kids by age, but teach my ability. My son was in Kindergarten doing multiplication and divisio in his head, he understood the basic concepts of alebra in 1st grade (his brain worked like that). Yet at the end of 4th grade, he could not read, he was at a 1st grade reading level. The reading problem should not have happened, the math should have been encourage. He was not put in AP math until 6th grade. He was in remedial reading, cause he was at 1 3rd grade level. He hated school, the AP kids looked down on him for not being able to read, the readingkids did not like him cause he was in AP math. He deliberately did poorly in Math, so he could be with his own classmates. In his words, I just want to be normal. I pushed and screamed and yelled, somehow by 9th grade he was up to grade level in reading, but he hated schoo, he barely graduated. There was no reason for this.