Hooliganism on valentines day----- how can we counter it

February 12, 2007 12:58am CST
its now been a trend in india by saffron gang to disrupt parties on val eve,they di all the ill works under the gaurd that they are protecting the indian tradition,they do all the mischiefs they can on gals, they prove themselves a menace, but the fact is that no religion or tradition glorifies love as the indian or more particularly hindu tradition does,the raas lila by lord krishna is nothin but proving love as the supreme power on earth,but these people would not listen to these things, kama sutra is the only text in entire world which glorifies love and it belongs to india, al the hooliganism is just the excuse of stags and idiots who donn have any intrest with love and do these things to disturb people in love so mates how can we counter it
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