Oh no!!! She pooed!!!!!!!!!!

@Rosy001 (363)
South Africa
February 12, 2007 1:56am CST
So, it's after 7 last night and i just finished off bathing my lil one. Busy with her massage when she decides to do her norm and stand naked on the bend against the cot. to my horror, she starts pressing and goes all red in the face. obviously thought the worst and was grabbing for things to cover my bedding but it was a false alarm. Or so i thought............. next thing i just saw this missile do a crash landing on my duvet and she, missy is staring at me like i'm nuts or something. i was so shocked, i could not stop myself from laughing. it was so hilarious......... at the time that is. was more than gross to clean up, but clean up we had to. still, it was funny. anyone had any similar experiences?
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@Sissygrl (10915)
• Canada
12 Feb 07
So far i've only been pee'd and vomitted on. lol. I have gotten poo on me, but only because he leaked out of the diaper. i wasn't laughing so much lol. It's still runny poo cause she's only started eating solids. Nasty. only a mother would put up with this eh ? :P
@Rosy001 (363)
• South Africa
12 Feb 07
he he he!!! you right, only a mother would. altho, i kinda shouted for my hubby to help out and he sort her out in the bath. took his hand and wiped her clean, threw water on her and everything..... but yeah, i'm the one that's had the vomit run down my bra or the food in the hair and now the poo on the bed. lol thanks for the response!