What would you do if you see a couple having a fight in the street ?

@peddhie (110)
February 12, 2007 3:10am CST
I saw a couple having a fight in the street. I did not know what to do. I passed and kept quiet but I knew I wasn't doing the right thing as the woman started screaming and crying. Do you know what you have to do if you see a couple having a fight in the street or in any other public area? Should we talk or should we let them fight ?
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@seamonkey (1981)
• Ireland
16 Mar 07
I would ignore it if I thought I could but sort of keep an eye out in case of violence. This happened one night in front of my house amongst a group of people who were drunk. I knew the guy was going to hit the girl and ran out. The only thing I could think to do that wasn't confrontational was to ask if I could bum a smoke. Theywere so surpised, it sidetracked them and they moved off in a better mood.
@anjoks (2084)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
I think if it's only verbal fights then let's just leave them alone.. Let's not mind other people's noses. But if it's a case of physical fight going on between the couple, i guess we have to get active, go to the scene and rescue. ^_^
@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
12 Feb 07
i have seen couples fighting in public areas many times. but i never try to get in their conversations. i don't know them plus i am now aware of the root of their fight. all i do is i just pass by them silently as if i never heard and seen anything.