When I'm gone, people would probably say....

February 12, 2007 3:22am CST
Have you ever wondered what other people would say when you die? Your answers here would likely summarize what you think about yourself. Funny, but personally I can't think of any exceptional achievement in the last 46 years of my life that people would probably say... Good Riddance!!! HAHAHA!
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@Bee1955 (3886)
• United States
4 May 07
Mine would probably read: "Lover of cats and other 2 legged species."
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
I hope people would say, "it's terribly silent without her" or "who would make us laugh and forget our problems now" . This is a nice post. Now I can't stop thinking of what people would really say about me when I'm gone (giggles). Thank you and have a great day.
• United States
2 Mar 07
Oh, I doubt that is what people would say about you! What would people say about me? Well, I would imagine my service to community. I do a lot of volunteer work and also work with social services. In the USA, I have worked with or contributed to: Red Cross, United Way, Polish Heritage Society, Southern Poverty Law Center, American Civil Liberties Union, Mission Oblates, Our Lady of the Snows and I have two foundation accounts for university scholarships of students with financial needs. In Bangladesh I have worked with or contributed a number of non-government organizations and for education of those with economic need as well. In September I am leaving for Bangladesh to serve 5 months working in the Dhaka slums. If I am remembered for anything, I would hope it is the work I do in service.
@yaneeps (122)
• Philippines
2 Mar 07
i dont know what they will say but i hope that it goes something like, "i envy her for she had lived a good life and now she's going to have the best life!"