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October 12, 2006 3:18pm CST
ITZ gr8 to be an underdog because ppl are alwayz ready to tear down the most successful guyz,well lemme sight an example-the voting ot of NARAYANI AND GAURAV in NACH BALIYE show by the other participants clearly shows ,they cud hav voted out KIRTI AND SHARAD but they knew they cud keep the ball in their court by taking the former celebrity pair out of the dance competition because they were the topdogs.For a long time India has been the 2nd most populous country after China,look at how we are catching up; by 2050 we will litter the world as the most productive nation!! Think of the most world's most eminent underdogs.he was terrible in maths.his school techers thought he would never make it.he struggled long and hard for employment,his parents were worried about his learing disability.He never learnt to drive a car in his life.His name;ALBERT EINSTEIN.In the league of school drop outs was RABINDRANATH TAGORE,who got the NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE. The psychology of the underdog excites me.He has the itch for achievement and the right pitch that hitch hike him to planet success.BILL GATES ,now a topdog himself,is often out to recruit underdogs.During job interviews for MICROSOFT,he often asks a potential employee"tell me about one of your significant failures in life".When quizzed about this ,GATE says "unless the employee can describe his failure clearly,he is unlikely to know all about the elements of success. what are your views on this topic??
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