who would you prefer your family or your girlfriend?

February 12, 2007 6:23am CST
i have a friend who said that he will everything even his parents just to prove to his girl that he really love her..is it right?i dont think so..you know that whatever happens to you it id only your family ho ill be there for you then he'll leave them?then your girlfriend do you think shes still there when your worlds turn upside down?
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• Zambia
12 Feb 07
I feel a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife is someone you meet along your path of life wereas your family has been there all your life.I don't think giving up family is proof of love.Society is constanly changing and so do people.If your friend gives up his family to prove his love for that girl,what else will she require him to give up, his life?his freedom?his job? i don't think so.If this girl truly loves your friend she will accept him and his family. I feel blessed and priviledged to be in the family i have and would never give them up simply to please someone else. That person might disappoint me or even hurt me and it is in such times(and other times) that i will need my family.
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
it depends.... but as much as possible, i'd consider my family first.