saw last nights episode!!!!

February 12, 2007 7:17am CST
First off I love lost! I've missed it so much since they have been on their break, and I'm really happy it has returned. I saw it last night on SKY1. I'll be watching it again tonight on an Irish tv station called Network 2. I loved the whole episode, but the end, awwhh wow that was really great. Things are starting to make a little bit of sence to me now! (at last) We found out who Alex kinda is, well I've always thought she was the french womans kid (but she said she had a son called Alex, so I wondered about that a bit!), but it turns out that she's ben's daughter! I didn't see that coming!!! Then about the girl thats been keeping Jack, we start to find a good bit out about her. Then the big twist at the end that she's being held there just like Jack is, only she's been there for three and a half years! OMG! I can't wait for the next one! Did anyone else out there pick up on anything I might have missed out on? Or did you just love it as much as I did!??
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@acquaria (719)
• Italy
12 Feb 07
Here in Italy the new season on Rai2 will come back tomorrow at 09.00 p.m We're waiting for it.
@stoody (23)
• Israel
12 Feb 07
i havent seen lost since seasion2... now i download it and ill watch that.. i really happy that it back!