February 12, 2007 8:31am CST
shud we encourage comunism
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• United States
15 Feb 07
Yes, definitly. Communism is the ideal society. Money is the root of all evil. So, if we can eliminate money, then we can eliminate all evil. There are Trillions of dollars in the US and only millions of people, so everyone could be a millionaire. I would love to be a millionaire. Well, I guess I would love to have what millionaires have, since there would be no money. Per the communist manifesto, "from each as he is able, to each as he has need." GREAT! All my needs will be provided for. That is definitly ideal for me. No need to work since all my needs will be provided for from those that are able. Wait, who decides what I am able to give. Am I still going to have to work? And, who decided what it is I need? Since we got rid of money and are only dealing in real goods, I cannot just get paid anymore; I have to get things like milk, eggs, and a house. Well, at least I'll own my own home. I guess the government would decide. That's fine. All we have to do is elect a really good person as president who can make good decisions as to what each American needs. Then, he can appoint ethical people to do the actual distribution and everyone's lives will be perfect. That's it. If we have only perfectly moral people in the government, then communism can work perfectly. ...So, what happens if the government isn't perfect? Oh yeah, the USSR.
• India
16 Feb 07
thanks you gave us a brod prospective
@kiiizu (1901)
• Estonia
17 Feb 07
You're super! I'm a citizen of a country which was about 50 years occupied by Soviets. I had to study a subject called "scientific communism"... Good God! The fact is, everything the communists are promising is beautiful, like a fairy tale. But the real life and a fairy tale are two very different things. Hopefully everyone who is seeing this discussion and your reply will understand this... But back to "scientific communism". There was told about "moral codex of a communist builder" also. A student asked our tutor to explain it with simple words, to put it all together in one sentence. The tutor answered - it's absolutely everything which helps to build communism! A splendid theory, if we recall that the biggest mass murderers in the history were communists...
@gilla_x (33)
• Pakistan
15 Feb 07
cant really say no to that...