How much walking to feel good again??....

February 12, 2007 8:50am CST
Today i walked all the way to the high street and then back again and i was gone for over an hour and a half!!... i thought i must have done a real good workout from all that walking but i've just had a sandwich for lunch and i feel like a right fat slob!! I just want to feel good about my body again but i feel that nothing i do is good enough at the moment and no exercise is working at all... do you think my body is having a shut down for a while?
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@hoffin (30)
• Australia
14 Feb 07
Can you tell me if you are trying to lose weight alone or with an organisation? I am a Leader of one such organisation and I just wanted to let you know that weight loss is a slow didn't put the weight on overnight, so don't expect to lose it overnight! Keep on doing what you are are on the right track! Hope that helps a little....
• United States
13 Feb 07
When the weather is permissable, I walk 45-60 minutes 5 days a week. In the winter I try to walk on the treadmill. It helps with my breathing but unless I add aerobics every other day, I usually don't lose any weight. But walking is good for your overall health. It is essential to lungs, heart, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. I normally meet people while out walking and so for me it also has a social benefit. Weight training is excellent for losing weight because it boost your metabolism burning fat even while resting. Walking is fun, too. So just because you may not lose a lot of weight (but you may) it is really good for your overall health. Some people do lose weight walking. It just takes time.