alien... are they exist?

February 12, 2007 9:09am CST
this is the most interesting thing that always bother me since i was a little kid. are the alien really exist? or just an imaginary from people that describe things the do not understand? any one can answer this or do you have an experience making contact with alien?
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@volcom (161)
• United States
14 Feb 07
Yes, I actually do think that aliens and other planets exist because of these reasons. One of these reasons is because we are just one planet in a never ending universe. We would be very ignorate people if we didn't think that there was other life out there somewhere. I also think this is a true fact because there have just been so many stories and evidence on ufos and aliens that it just seems hard to believe that there isn't other life out there. Like the story of roswell that happened in 1949 around that time I think. Well here is the story one day there was an alien ship that crashed in the fields. There was 2 aliens that are said to be found in the wreckage. Also the aircraft they were flying was made out of some pretty strange things. Here are some of the things I have read on it. I have read that the spaceship was made out of material that wouldn't scratch burn break or bend. And that it was really metallic. And to this day roswell still isnt explained and something funny about this was that the goverment said yes this is defenetly an alien but then a short time after he changed it to a weather baloon crash but weather baloons dont have material like that that they are made out of. So does the goverment know somthing htat we don't? I think they do because of area 51 that is supposed to be a place where it is goverments proprety and it is under extreme survelence. Basivly if you cross you get shot. Thereis said to be alien space craft and alie testing going on here and let me remind you again this is goverments proprety which is really strange. I also think there is aliens out there because of all the abduction reports that have happened there is so many different things like that and some are proven fake and some are ones that can not be explained. Also I think thye exist because there was a mainting in like the 1800s when there wasn't any planes ect. On the painting there was what looked like an aircraft and a person that looked scared of it and I think this is really wierd. This is why I think there is life on other planets because there is so many unexplained cases out there so there has got to be some other form of life out there. This is why I think these things exist