If i WON THE LOTTERY i would...... would you??

February 12, 2007 9:52am CST
if i won the euromillions lottery of say £100,000,000 ($190,000,000) what would i do....... well hey come on we can all dream right?? so, i would well first of all pay off any debts that me, my family or my friends have.... then i would hit the shops!! by gold and diamonds!! let people know that i am one rich man!! lol! then i would buy a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge house in the country, and have an open door policy, where any of my mates can just walk in and watch my home cinema or shoot pool in my games room, or maybe work out in my brand new hightech gym...... then the cars........ i would have to get myself 3 new cars i think....something sporty!! something luxurious!! and some BIG!! AND YOU KNOW WHAT, STILL AFTER DOING ALL THAT I WOULD OF BARELY DENTED MY WINNINGS!! so then after all the splashing out, id get serious.... i would invest a nice stack of cash.... you know, just in case! then i would do something for the local community, by donating to local charities, where i can see the work actually happening on my own door step.... then i would maybe help further than my local area and, myself go and set up various schemes in africa, small schemes that you can actually see working, rather than giving aid to crooked fatcats in smart suits, who knows what they do with the money, im sure some falls into their back pockets.... WELL ANYWAY!! im guess there would be plenty other things i would do, BUT!! now its your turn....... so...... GO ON!!! DREAM A LITTLE!!!