describe me about yourself...?

February 12, 2007 9:55am CST
how you differ from others....? what you want to change from yourself...?...
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@perugu (5281)
• India
15 Feb 07
hi,i am intravert,i can't mix with new people.This character i want to change.
@vehaileairu (2286)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
what you see, is what you get - and this is me.. what makes it is me.
i am unique, from everybodys genes and DNA. i am just an ordinary girl and a human being as well... i am also capable of emotions and is easily hurt.. i am normally equal to everybody.. but what makes me so different is answerable to the people who closely know me.. i am a self sacrificing person, i can die for the person i love most, which most wont do.. i am true to myself, and very glad to be in full existence.. and be able to love people around me.. whats most unique of me, is my existentialism attitude, because i do believe more of my livin in this world as with a purpose and a reason to go on and spread my positive energy to everyone.. however, i do not wish to change something in me, because what makes me is alread me, the past i have been, may it be bitter or so joyful, i dont want to change it.. it is the history of me, what build me this way is everything i have been through from worst experience to the best form worst character to favourable attitude, in strength and in weakness.. but i shall say, i wish to improve something, inside me is still empty i wish to make more helping gestures and make everyone happy, specially the closest to my heart.. and i hope to improve a little longer of my patience so i could endure this world more and live life to the fuullest.. take care and have a good day^_^
• Indonesia
12 Feb 07
of course I think I'm different from other. I always think that I'm unique. And none same like me. I want to change : ~ fast to angry ~ can't be patient I'll try to change them because I know it isn't good for me