How Do I Deal With Death ?..

@lump_z (116)
United States
February 12, 2007 10:05am CST
I lost my best friend a little over a year ago to a car accident. He was the best friend i have ever had and also my room mate for awhile, purely platonic. Ever since then i have had a hard time dealing with his death..I am always thinking about him and all the times we had together. I also find it hard to get close to any one else, for fear of losing them too. You see he was a one of a kind guy and loved you no matter what your falts where and always was there to listen or give good advice...and that i guess is what i really miss..
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12 Feb 07
i am sorry for your loss :( he seemed like a great guy :( i cant imagine what losing someone like that would be like. but i dont think you should be afraid of new people, if you dont let your gaurd down and dont get close to others then you will find life harder, life is better when we can be close to others and confide in them :)
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