love problems

February 12, 2007 10:10am CST
help me!this was my friends beg to me. She's a chat addict and out of a sudden she said she fell in love with someone whom a total stranger to her. but then, i sympatize with her. it had happen to me and i know how it feels. i dont know but maybe i can call her a bit crazy its nearly impossible to happen. but like ive said "got to believe in magic" i think it only happen to those who, in their lives never been shot by mr. cupid. have u ever experience real love....well, it doesnt happen always to each and everyone but, its so fascinating to experience it...will i tell my friend to just go on have dillusions or tell her that "hey earth calling jen!!!
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• Philippines
26 Jun 07
Really? love through the internet without meeting in personal? Much more if you meet her in person. But all you have to do is to test yourself not to chat for you not to have a strange feelings.