so much money being spent by each country on army.

February 12, 2007 10:30am CST
so much money is being spent by each country,Globely if we can come to one understanding perhaps that total quantum of money can remove the poverty from the planet.what you say?
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• Philippines
12 Feb 07
We always want our countries to be able to address the more pressing issues each is facing nowadays. Always, we figure that so much money has been wasted on wars and the maintenance of the army which is tasked to safeguard the country against invasions. The wars a country is indulged in are not necessarily involving another country, it is common nowadays that the wars are from within. Insurgency is commonplace. It seems that in most countries there are terrorists and rebels just about. The counter insurgency measures are bundled in the shoulders of the armed forces. If we take a closer look, the policemen are tasked with the same problems. Only this time, more at the local level. They are supposed to suppress and catch those who trample upon the rights of another person. If the armed forces and the police force are wiped off from the budget of all countries, if only all people respect each other's rights, a very big amount shall be spared to cover expenses on the very important aspects of survival - health, education and shelter. But we all know that this is impossible. For in the household level alone, we hear of families cutting each other's throats in the name of that thing called inheritance and money. So you see now that to reach a level by which all peoples of the world live in harmony, is an impossibillity.
@deeeky (3667)
• Edinburgh, Scotland
12 Feb 07
Poverty is created by governments in thier never ending thirst for global power. They tax us more and more and use that money to buy arms on the pretext that they need it for defense. Greed will always rule this world and it has never changed, and has not changed since humanity began.
• Canada
12 Feb 07
If you you look at the pay and benifits service men get it is not very much but if you look at what is spent on weapons and reaserch and development you would see where the real money is spent in some cases the military machine keeps some econmoies working and if it was to stop themn there would be more more unemployment meaning no money no food so would it solve the problem??
• India
12 Feb 07
This is the advise given by the developed countries to the developing countries. But the developed countries never thought of following this.