What do people think about David Cameron and Cannabis?

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February 12, 2007 10:35am CST
Over the weekend it came out that while at Eton, David Cameron was caught in possession of cannabis. It was a result of a police sting, and so many pupils of the school were involved that they only passed the drug dealers and more serious offenders to the police. Cameron was "sentenced" by his school to writing lines. If he'd been in a state school, he'd have been expelled and banged up in a borstal. This isn't the first time drug taking has come up - when he was running for leader of the conservatives, the issue of cocaine use at university came up. He refused to either confirm or deny the rumours. What do people think about this? I think that if it is confined to just school and university, he'll get away with it. If it turns out he continued drug-taking in adulthood, there's a problem. I'm also uneasy about the way the Tories are spinning it as "normal". Lots of people don't take drugs, does this mean we are abnormal? Also people aspire to be normal, so to descibe any behaviour as normal is to promote it. Do people on Mylot agree or disagree with me?
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13 Feb 07
I think its acceptable that an huge percentage of us have smoked cannabis recreationally at some time. Are well all unfit for the jobs we persue?
13 Feb 07
I don't think it should be such a big issue. Just newspapers selling copies, if you ask me. It would be a good idea if he's honest about it. You can't hide these things, especially with the press here in the UK.
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13 Feb 07
He should be honest about it - especially, as you say, with the press we have in the UK. I'm surprised he's still hiding behind the "it's my private life" line.