Picky Adult Eater Found Here

United States
February 12, 2007 10:53am CST
Why can't I get myself to eat better? I hate almost all fruits and vegetables and I am 30 years old. No matter what I do I can't get the healthy stuff down. I always buy fruits and vegies at the grocery store but they always just sit in my fridge and I never eat them. What happens sometimes is I might eat a bite or two and find them so revolting that I just throw them away. I have tried to cover them up with salad dressing or cream or other such things but nothing works? Can anybody help me before I die an early death?
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• United States
13 Apr 07
You could try to grind certain vegetables up and hide them in your food.. for example, you could grind up carrots or celery.. peppers.. etc and throw them in your meatloaf mix. It works wonders.. believe me I'm picky too! As for fruits- try making smoothies or drinking more juice.. its better than not getting any nutrients at all!!!
• United States
14 Apr 07
Thank you for the ideas! I will deffinately give it a try!
@a_morris (31)
• Canada
8 Apr 07
Try leaving them out on the counter. If you can see them you'll think about eating them. If you like sweets you can try bananas, pineapples and sweet potatoes (yams, cook them like white potatoes or even french fries). Dried fruit like raisins and prunes are also very sweet and easy to eat as a snack. I love Cobb salads. Take a regular salad, add raisins, cheese, and ham. You could try adding chicken or sunflower seeds to salads. Pizza with vegetables as toppings is also a great way to get vegetables in your diet. Fruit & vegetable juice, V8, Clamato, OJ, etc. Fruit roll-up-like snacks. I hope these suggestions help!
• United States
8 Apr 07
Excellent suggestions! Thank you for not saying that I just need to grow up!