What design/graphics program do you use?

February 12, 2007 11:05am CST
I use photoshop and illustrator what programs do you guys use? and are those programs free or payed?
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@erique (466)
• Indonesia
12 Feb 07
i use adobe photoshop and illustrator too... i ever tried to use corel product but i'm so confuse to use it and got a stuck till now. Actually i use macromedia flash to design , not only to make animation. All of those programs that i mentioned is payed programs.
• Netherlands
12 Feb 07
i also use flash, only for animations though
@Jaytech (2251)
15 Apr 07
I use an open source program called Gimp originally designed for Linux, it's very powerful considering it's totally free
@cnetboss (2477)
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
For Vector Graphics I use Corel Draw, For Raster Graphics I use Adobe Photoshop.
@zaccheo (75)
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
hmm... let me see... i do use almost all the program in adobe suite as well as corel. but most of them came from my office, but i have my own indesign. premiere and photoshop at my house. for free softwares, i use paintBBS and shipainter but that's for online. another one is apophysis but its not really for arts because its a fractal software.
@cnetboss (2477)
• Philippines
22 Feb 07
Corel Draw X3 - Corel Draw X3 graphic Suite
I use several graphic design softwares (both free and propriety). But I regularly use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Corel Draw X3.
@Morticia (419)
13 Feb 07
I tried some others, but I just love Photosshop :} When I start to experiment in it - time flies faster than when I play games, lol.
• India
12 Feb 07
I have used photoshop and also Coral Draw. I felt coral draw was much more efficient that the other in animation........