Backpacker travel more further than us!

@qouniq (1968)
February 12, 2007 11:18am CST
I was thinking about backpacker tourist or traveler which been marked as a cheap tourist. I find that they actually spending more money than the normal tourist....and they actually is not that cheap as they can afford to travel to most part in the world. Anyone out there have any experience in backpacking or might know anything about this type of tourist?...share your story with me...
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@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
14 Jul 07
The normal tourist goes on holiday for one or two weeks with a package deal. This means they pay one price and then the flight, accommodation and perhaps food are included. Some of these people go out of their resort and spend money in local businesses like shops and restaurants. However another type of tourist is the all inclusive type. They may stay in their resort complex all the time. Such a tourist may only contribute to a chain of hotels from the UK or the USA. This will mean local businesses do not get any money from this sort of tourist. Both types spend a short time away from home and have already spent most of their money on the actual holiday. I am an independent traveler or backpacker. I just buy my flight in my home country. I don't book any accommodation before I leave home. I find it as I travel around a region. I like to stay in backpacker hostels when I am in country like the USA, Australia or New Zealand.In a country like Belize, Kenya or Indonesia I like to stay in a cheap guest house. I pay for transport by bus or train as I go. I spend money in local businesses. I have had some long trips like a year away or a few months. Even on a two week holiday more of my money spreads into the local economy than does with a tourist as described above.
@arezk32 (37)
• Indonesia
27 Jun 07
Hello Qouniq, I'am an Indonesian Backpacker. I think I can save a lot of money with special trick called backpacking (independent traveller). &I can find something special experience in the journey. thanks