What experience in your life, did you find out later that

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October 12, 2006 5:42pm CST
God used you for a specific purpose? Share... Here's mine: I was meeting with my Church office rep to discuss some internet work I was doing for them. Got there and she didn't show. So I went to a biblestudy class that I had always wanted to try out since I was there. I was the only person in the class with the teacher, but we had such a wonderful time and really encouraged each other enough to keep me coming to her class. Well, a few months later, the teacher shared, that she had a one-on-one argument with God and told him one day that she was going to stop teaching that class because no one was coming there and she felt it was a waste of time. She said....one day after going a few weeks with no one showing...she told God that she's quitting that week, unless HE brings just One person to her meeting that specific day. Guess what....I was that one person that showed in her class that day. It amazes me how God uses us and we don't even know it. If you have a story....share it now
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12 Oct 06
i have experiance to belive in u self that help u to do any work
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13 Oct 06
Not exactly what I was hoping for......but Thanks for your view.