Toll Tax on our Roads!!! Your Opinions please!

February 12, 2007 1:11pm CST
I think this is an outrage!! the cost of road tax, insurance and petrol already is ridiculous and now they wana slap this on us!! the bristol road through selly oak is so congested as it goes from 3 lanes to 1 and its a busy main road in2 town! how stupid can the council get, they shud be widening the road not trying to charge people to use it for hell's sake!!! anything to rinse the public of their hard earned cash as usual! and then they go and say we need to use more public transport... my gosh, well the only public transport to come round my area is one bus every 30 minutes and when it does come its full, dirty and the fares are so expensive now... the government just haven't got a clue really have they to be honest!
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@AKRao24 (19780)
• India
12 Feb 07
I fully agree with you that with the increase of Perol rates, existing road taxes and insurnce of the vehicle, the additional burden of toll tax really pinches one! But if we see the brighter side of it, then you will realise that by giving contracts to the private contractors, government is giving us fecilities by constructing good roads, wity many lanes or a fly over or a bridghe which not only helping us in travelling the enroute with much cmfortably and conveniently. If thsi project was to be undertaken by the Government itself, then also we had to shell out this amount in one or other form of additinal tax, as Government doesn't have any other source of income other than taxing the people. More over this process would have taken a long time and the funds issued to construct such new roads or Bridge may or may not have utilised fully for the mentuoned purpose because of the corruption, which has become Global now a days! Atleast with the toll Roads we are not only havoing our convenience but as a whole the Nation is progressing. I personally feel that we should co operate the government and also should encourage the Government to undertake such projects because of which there is definitely a progress and there is no deterioration of any Country. Just imagine could it be possible for the Government which alraedy has been burdenee by so many committments to come up with express high ways which are serving as agreat boon for commuters!
13 Feb 07
The government tax us enough, they tax us on everything!!! food, water, and i bet they'll start taxing us on the sun and the wind when more people start being more eco friendly... i think its disgusting, we pay enough road and car tax as it is and that money should go towards new roads and better access around the country, or better still shut the gates on imigration! there's obviously a very big over population crisis going on in this country now!!!!!