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February 12, 2007 1:46pm CST
Whats your favourite type of movies? Do you just like to be entertained or do you like movies that promote thinking or thought?
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12 Feb 07
My favourite movie genre is "horro" but i also like many other ones too and it really does depend on my mood. I like to watch movies which entertain me yeah, who doesn't? i also like ones which leave you guessing but most these don't do this and it's something i miss from the older classics. the trill on not knowing who's done the murder because you can normally guess who's done it and often it's really clear! I just answered the last question in your second. hehe =) Kudos! ~Joey (it's a good discussion mylotters come join in) :)
@braided (698)
• Canada
13 Feb 07
Smilin ... I watched two horror flicks in the last week ... the Grudge 2 and Texas Chain Saw Massicure -the beginning ... i think that is the 3rd one ... it was terribe so gross was hard to watch that i couldnt watch it anymore .. i knew how it was going to end so it was horrifing ... i dont usually watch horror but my son likes them and so i watch with him sometimes but they leave me with a terrible feeling afterwards ... i always have to watch a light-hearted movie afterwards so i wont have bad dreams ...smilin