My co-worker is bad breath...How will i let her know about it?

February 12, 2007 2:18pm CST
Since she started working,i have noticed that she is bad breath. During the endorsement of patients i could hardly breath because her breath was too bad,that even if you are a bit far from her,her breath spreads out. She is beautiful. I think it is embarrassing for a young beautiful lady to have bad breath. She had braces on her teeth and even though she brush her teeth after eating,still she is bad breath.I was thinking why? How do i tell her or approach her not to embarrass her? She is my co-worker and she might take it against me. Even my other co-worker noticed it and they were making backbiting when she is out. I wanted to help her. Does braces causes bad breath? Does she need to consult a doctor? What toothpaste can you suggest for me to give her that will help her mouth to have a fresh odor that last for several hours?
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