Have you experienced Island hopping?

February 12, 2007 2:37pm CST
Here in the Philippines, there are about 7,000+ islands. That is why it is very rampant here for people to do island hopping. I remembered when my American friend asked me how do we do that. It's just simple. We could take a boatride a boat, a yacht, or even a ship. That's why we call it "island hopping". But the best experience would be going to small islands where you could see white sand beaches, do some snorkeling to see corals reefs and fishes underwater, do some kayaking and even diving. Do I have people here who are also have the same interest with me?
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12 Feb 07
You're making me wish I was there :) It sounds marvelous, but no I've never done it. It kind of reminds me when I went to the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam this summer, since we took a boat around it, jumped off into the sea and went snorkeling. Wish I could do it again...
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
Wow...you know what? I kinda wanted to go Island hopping elsewhere. I believe there are so much to see around the world. Is the Ha Long Bay nice? Hmmmm... I'll put it on my list. Wish I could be able to go there too =)
20 Feb 07
The Ha Long Bay is magnificent. Of course, coming from France, you're not used to water so warm that you can just jump in. There's not the same amount of sun and heat either, but I trust you're used to that in the Philippines. I would suggest you do try going there, it's a beautiful place.
• Philippines
13 Feb 07
I'm from the Philippines too and yes I do love to go island hopping! I love going to the beaches! Went island hopping in Palawan and Bicol